My Favourite PR Bloggers

In my last post I spoke about on the best PR websites to follow. Today I’’m giving you a list of my top ten favourite PR Bloggers. They’re all very different from each other so you’ll definitely find one that resonates well with you. By the time you get through this list you’re bound to have a fresher perspective on all things PR! So sit back, relax and follow me down the list.


Bob Geller, the first PR blogger on my list is the president of Fusion PR. As an expert in tech sales, marketing and PR, Geller breaks down concepts in PR so that you and I can understand in a few minutes what a PR student learns in an entire university term. He covers broad issues like what PR lessons you can learn from President Donald Trump, which makes this blog great for those who are looking for material for some downtime reading.

My recommended read: 4 PR Lessons From Comedy via Seinfeld and Stern



If you want to know the ins and outs of PR then this is the blog for you. Stuart Bruce, who boasts an incredible career as an international PR adviser and trainer, makes you feel like he is taking you under his wing, gently guiding you through the issues in the world of PR. His blog is a fount of knowledge and if after a few articles you don’t feel inspired to be better, you’re probably reading it wrong.

My recommended read: PR problem? Hire a journalist… or rather don’t if you want to have successful PR



Armed with 18 years of experience within the communications industry and a Chartered PR Practitioner, Rachel Miller gives the PR professional a wealth of tips to help make work and life a lot easier. Whether it’s how to measure communication or how to write an annual report, she gives concrete and actionable advice.

My recommended read: What is Internal Communication?



If you are a PR student currently enrolled at university or you’ve just graduated, this is the blog for you. Livi Wilkes started writing this blog while she was at university and is currently working as a Digital PR Executive. Her articles on how to make the best out of your studies and then actually get a job after you’re finished with university means that her articles are totally relatable to a young audience.

My recommended read: 7 powerful bits of advice for new PR students



Gillian Neild covers an array of topics revolving around the world of communications and media. With around 20 years of experience in the communications industry, she offers an interesting perspective on issues that impact professionals in the PR world.

My recommended read: Why comms people should never make headline news



This is perfect for the PR Newbie and those who have not yet broken into PR but would really like to. Hannah Lennox, the author of this blog, provides great tips and a youthful perspective on PR which makes for a very interesting read.

My recommended read: 10 things PR Newbies should do in their first week



A self-professed expert at Inbound PR, Inbound Marketing and Agency Business, Iliyana Stareva shares her expertise with us on social media marketing and blogger relations. Coining the term “Inbound PR”, Iliyana advocates a change in the way we think about PR and integrate quantitative data. This is great for those interested in the issue of how PR can measure its results and impact.

My recommended read: Outbound vs. Inbound PR: Why We Need a Mindset Change



As a trainee on the Taylor Bennett Foundation programme, how can I not mention the wonderful blog of the Foundation’s CEO Sarah Stimson? This blog is the place to go for those that need greater clarity on the fundamentals of the PR industry and the people who work in it. I highly recommend this to employers wanting to know how to attract the best talent and to graduates hoping to get a job in PR.

My recommended read: 10 traits of successful junior PRs



This blog belongs to Richard Edelman, the President and CEO of Edelman, the world’s biggest PR firm. According to a poll by Owler, a business insights company, Richard Edelman is the most liked guy in the ad world. A quick glance at his blog will show you why. He comes across as very personable in his writing and he offers both an interesting and intelligent perspective into trends and issues in PR.

My recommended read: PR Industry Stands Up



Peter Shankman, the author of this blog, is the founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc. a New York based boutique Marketing and PR firm. He tackles topics on personal and professional development and is very frank with his advice, which honestly is remarkably refreshing. His insights are sure to be an asset to the PR professional applying them to everyday work as Shankman takes unconventional angles on topics such as how to be a better speaker to how to get coverage in the media.

My recommended read: Four Things Great PR Will NOT Do For You


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